Evie Lovejoy

Business Development & Senior Property Manager

Evie was an Early Childhood & Primary School Teacher for 20 years and a Natural Therapies Lecturer & Practitioner for 14 years. Her love of ‘helping’ people led her to choose a career in Real Estate.

Previously working with LJ Hooker in Brisbane since February 2005, in Sales, Business Development, Leasing & Property Management, she has excelled in her ability to give exceptional customer service to her clients and they know, their needs and goals are her number one priority. Evie joined our office in March 2016 and is loving her ‘sea change’.

Communication and a genuine concern for others are Evie’s exceptional attributes and this has been a major factor in the winning of many awards, both State and Nationally.

Her motto "From Integrity comes Excellence" encompasses her beliefs perfectly.

Evie is a Landlord herself with an investment property in Brisbane and also a tenant, renting her home here on the Sunshine Coast. So she fully understands the needs of both parties and seeks ‘Win/Win’ solutions at all times.

Having dealt with landlords and tenants on a daily basis over the past 12 years, it is understandable that Business Development & Property Management comes naturally to Evie.

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You are doing such a great job. The usual reports with photos are excellent. Happy Easter and sincere thanks for all the care and attention you give to this property. We are very grateful.


Hi Evie, I'd like to start by saying thank you so much for looking after my mum and Craig. They talk about you all the time with fondness and gratitude and much relief. As you know, having investment properties is a huge responsibility and often bears stress. To have a professional respectful property manager take care of ones investment is hard to find and I'm glad we've been able to find you and your staff. Your offer if genuine friendship has also not gone unnoticed. My mum and Craig are new to the coast and meeting you and your staff has made an impression upon them. Thank you for our $200 gift voucher. I am very grateful to be a part of your success in your office. I hope to be able to meet you soon. My apologies for not being available to receive the gift in person. Have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and exceedingly prosperous New Year.

Dominique and Brett Donovan.

Hi Evie, I just wanted to drop a quick line and thank you for the inspection today. First of all, I actually wanted to thank you for your kindness...I read your profile the other day, and it talked about your awareness that property management is about people just as much as it is about properties. In the past few weeks while we have been looking for a place to live...it amazed me how cold and distant the property managers were. We had to be in out as fast as possible...and they seemed pretty annoyed if there were questions or if we were taking additional time. You taking the time to chat with me today, shake my hand... and your interest in my work was really heartfelt. So THANK YOU! Thanks again for your humanness today... It was lovely and appreciated....

Karen Hughes-Field

You are truly magnificent! And a pleasure to work with... Thank you!


Hi Evie That’s great news Evie thank you for keeping your promise and letting me know. I realize that I’m not always the easiest landlord for my property managers to have to work with. The truth is Evie it makes no difference to me whether it’s the gardener pulling weeds in the back yard or the head of a banking institution arranging finance for my next project, when it comes to my property portfolio I expect things to be done professionally & efficiently every time, anything less simply will not be tolerated. I find it extremely difficult to be able to judge a property manager’s ability on face value alone, after all a lot of the skills you guys have simply cannot be seen right at the outset, I usually just have to rely on my intuition alone and trust it will serve me well. The fact that we had 12 groups contact your office in just one week has proven to me that your marketing skills, photos and ad copy writing are exceptional, the fact you also converted 12 inquiries into 9 viewing has demonstrated to me that you also have strong people skills as well. Its my belief that the reason we only received three applications for this property is simply due to the fact that I added an additional premium to the rent for the gardening which resulted in the property being slightly over priced, however I take full responsibility for that decision as it was entirely my own. The truth is Evie you were given a very particular landlord, an over priced property and a very short timeframe to get a lease signed and against all of those odds you somehow managed to get the job done, now that’s the type of property manager for me. Well done with that. All of your efforts on this property are not lost on me, I am very grateful for every minuet you have given me Thank you Evie you’re the best


Hi Michelle and Evie, Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your professional and friendly way of doing business whilst managing our property (this was the same experience as when we bought the property from you!). It was so easy having you email the statements, especially as we were so far away. We also appreciated the prompt inspection feedback and the quick communication when there was a problem. On return to our property we found it in great shape and extremely clean which was a blessing as we were so tired and unpacking was enough let alone cleaning! Thanks again and I am sure we shall be in touch Best Wishes


My Awards

  • International - Best New Talent - Nominee - Jul 2006
  • Annual International - Best New Talent (Finalist) - Jul 2006